What is Halo-Halo?

Halo-halo (Tagalog: [haluˈhaloʔ], "mixed together") is a popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various ingredients, including boiled sweet beans, coconut, sago, gulaman (agar jelly), tubers and fruits. It is served in a tall glass or bowl.

Ube Ice Cream

The star ingredient is ube (pronounced OO-BAE), a purple yam that can be mashed or pureed and incorporated into sweet treats.

Leche Flan

In the Philippines, flan is known as leche flan (the local term for the originally Spanish flan de leche, literally "milk flan"), which is a heavier version of the Spanish dish, made with condensed milk and more egg yolks.

What is Boba?

Boba (Tapioca Pearls)

But what exactly is boba? The boba (aka the tiny, chewy black balls at the bottom of the drink) is made from tapioca, which is a gluten-free starch extracted from the root of a cassava plant.

Why Boba?

You can add it to tons of different drinks (including tea, milk tea, iced coffee or even slushies and smoothies).

15 + Flavors

At the Dessert Bar @ Halo-Halo Kitchen we offer 15+ Flavors of Boba Slushies.